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Friday, January 17, 2014

Blue Lake Basin    I'm off to hike in and camp this weekend with friends.  I'll update with pictures after the trip.    Our trip started after getting off work and loading up about 6 p.m. on a friday. We never made the trail head in my 4 runner but we plowed and fought our way within three tenths of a mile.  It was past 10 by the time we started to hike in, the moon was almost full.   We had planned to hike into several lakes but ran into 12 to 20" of snow.

We finally got everything settled about 1:30 and went to bed  expecting to hike 6 miles in the morning.  It decided pretty quickly that we were only going to be hitting blue lake as we took turns breaking trail and resting.   I think we all had a relaxing time away from the norms of every day stresses in our lifes, we had planned this as a snow shoeing trip but decided snow wouldn't be abundant enough to bring them we were wrong.  We are heading back in this saturday to snow shoe and pick a knife up we left behind it should be another enjoyable day in the mountains.