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Thursday, September 26, 2013

N. Umpqua

Leaving town tomorrow after work for some time away from humans.  Gonna get some paddle time, hiking time and hot spring time in.  I'll return with a short write up and some footage of the trip.    Well I'll update that trip it rained like crazy 5" at diamond lake.    I paddled a whole 2 1/2 miles on saturday and nothing on sunday.  The highlight of the trip was chilling at toketee hot springs.  I haven't been in a boat since, have definitely lost my desire to boat lately.  It's funny to think I could care less about kayaking.  At one point that's all I cared about.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

King Of The Rogue Race

Some pictures I took of kayakers, rafters and sup boarders on race day.  It was put on by   I thought about joining in but my laziness  precluded me from getting to the registration table on time.  Seventy five boaters showed up to this late notice event so I would expect that next year's event will attract many more boaters.

Muggers Alley

Some pictures of the lead in and run out of a great class3- 3+ rapid on the rogue river. flow in the pictures are at 2210cfs.


I finally decided to replace my mti proplay rescue vest with an astral pfd.  I should have bought one four pfd's ago, It's fits very well and gives you plenty of free movement.  It's way less bulky than my proplay, if your in the market for a rescue vest I wouldn't hesitate on picking the green jacket up.  I purchased mine from  and saved 15% with a coupon easily found online.