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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bass fishing on the rogue

About mid week a newer co worker named Allen asked if I wanted to go bass fishing.  I rarely pass up paddling if anything has to do with water, I decided it would be a good change up.   I hadn't fished for bass in 12 years and honestly never had to much luck.  Allen was pretty confident we would be catching plenty without any issues, he's been doing it for a long time and knows their routines very well.

So it was set we met up on sunday and headed to the rogue to put on the water and head down to his honey hole.  I won't mention the location we caught all the bass in, fishermen always want to keep their favorite spots a secret and I  can understand why after the afternoon we had.  I think he had his first fish on within 10 minutes it was a nice 2 1/2 pounder, the next was around 5 to 6 pounds.  He was nice enough to let me fight that one in.  It was pretty much non stop action for 4 to 4 1/2 hours, we did catch and release only.

A picture of table rock while heading down river.

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