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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review Dagger nomad

After paddling a large fluid solo for 3+ years I finally cracked it on the pit river in October, I was able to weld it and keep it going.  I knew I needed a new boat for this spring so I started shopping around, It was between another solo, bazooka, recon 83 or a nomad 8.5.  I had paddled both nomad sizes in the past and decided to get the larger one and test one out.  I finally got to paddle it  last weekend and was pleased with it's performance.  The boat turns quicker, it's faster, and has better secondary stability than the solo. I loved my fluid and will still paddle it till it can no longer take the abuse, when I first got it I was pretty inexperienced and had trouble keeping it pointed forward and I couldn't hit my lines very well.  I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner, it's a great boat for a seasoned boater.  I will update this further after a couple more trips.

 I have about 20 more trips in this boat and have no complaints as far as  performance, I can see why it's considered one of the best boats on the market.