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Monday, October 8, 2012

Pit River


Monday, September 24, 2012

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yosemite trip update coming soon....

Picture taken by: Dave Wyland                            Tenaya Lake

    I had just gotten of work on july 17th when my phone buzzed with an email, it was from Dave Wyland a.k.a. big wave Dave, pappa, the puma.  It contained a link to kayakdiaries blog about the Tenaya creek waterslide in yosemite, it also contained a video link which was crazy.  He said he wanted to hit it on august 4th and I was invited to hit it with him,  I said I was interested so the stage was being set for a fun adventure. We also planned on heading over to the south silver and running some of the waterfalls and slides afterwards.
     The next thing I know i'm getting a call a week and a half early saying we are leaving friday are you in, I had to pull a few strings but I was good to go. We left town friday afternoon at 3, Scot (let's go boating) G, and his buddy Donnie also were in on the trip.  When we finally hit the main road to head up to yosemite we pulled over for a break, I have never seen so much traffic at 10:30 at night on a two lane road, it was like a highway of car's heading up the mountain.  I think we finally found our spot for the night along a dirt road about a mile off the main road around 11:30 I pitched my sleeping bag on the ground and tossed and turned most of the night.
    Morning finally came, Scot got breakfast going pretty quickly afterwards we packed up and all jumped in the car and the battery was dead.  Dave and the others hiked down to eventually get to a phone and call triple a, the tow truck driver had no teeth and wasn't happy about driving his big truck up this skinny dirt road.  Donnie jumped on the passenger side running board and grabbed hold of the mirror ripping it from the top mount.  We got a jump and got on our way to find the waterslide,  we just kept climbing in elevation the trees became less and huge mounds and slaps of rock started jetting from the ground. It was a sight to see, next time maybe I'll will be able to take more of it in.  We hit a view point for half dome and that's where we found out we had missed the water completely.


        We decided to hike in anyway when we found the sunrise trail head without boats of course.  We followed the trail until it started to veer away from the creek we cut across and followed the creek until we came to the top of the slide, it was amazing,steep as hell.  the pool at the bottom of the first drop was 20 to 30 feet deep it was under cut at the front lip and has a cave in the back left corner.  We looked and talked about what line was best to take, we took turns jumping in the pool of cold and and just taking it all in.  As we laid in the sun it was decided that we head to Reno, We checked it out for awhile and decided to get back on the road.  It was 15 hours of driving in a day and a half, two nights sleeping on the ground and we were finally home.  It's on for next year as soon as the passes open up we are gonna hit it.

                                           Hiking in through the creek bed.
                                         Looking down from the bottom of the first slide.
                                            Looking up from the bottom of the first slide.

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