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Thursday, December 15, 2011


In my life I have let things of less importance take over and kayaking was one of them.  I couldn't stop kayaking, it's an addiction that I let take me away from my kids. I miss kayaking alot, but I'm enjoying time I will never have with my kids again.  Don't get me wrong I still kayak a little and get a great rush out of pushing myself and learning new things when I go.  That's why you see so little being done with my site these day's, I will update it only when I do a new run and those don't come easy for me these day's. 


  1. Well friend I hope you find a good balance between the two. I enjoy having you on the water and as a friend.

  2. The balance will come sometime down the road hopefully. I miss the rush that whitewater presents.

    1. Hello! My names J.R. Weir. I just moved to Grants Pass for the winter and don't know any locals to paddle with. Want to go boating some time? Can you put me in touch with any other Rogue paddlers or water dogs etc? Thanks.