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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jackson Villian

I had the chance to paddle a villian large a few weeks ago on a class 4 run. I was nervous I hadn't really paddled anything else except my fluid solo large in a couple years.  The first thing I noticed on the creek was how fast the boat turned it didn't take alot of effort to get where I wanted it to go.  The amount of volume in the front to middle of the kayak is awesome, I felt like I had more control of the kayak going through rapids, it gives you alot of confidence fast.  If I had the money I would buy one today! I can only dream.

I'm still boating

As the title say's i'm still out kayaking I just haven't been as much this year. When I thought about starting a blog I had all these ideas in my head, what I didn't realize was how little time I have to put them to reality.  I will be hitting Burnt ranch gorge on the trinity river the first weekend of october i'm sure I will have plenty to talk about when I get home.  It's a class 4-4+ run with four class 5's rapids, we will be hitting it at lower flows, I will be with some solid boaters who know my abilities.