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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taylor Creek

I put out an email saturday to see if anyone wanted to run applegate on sunday, I included a link for the gauge estimates.  It was supposed to be high, well sunday came and the plan changed to graves creek and before we knew it we were checking the paddlers gauge on taylor creek after morrison's lodge.  The water was about 3 inches up the angled concrete, Scot said we were good to go.  As we steadily climbed uphill on the road I was calm my nerves were in check, I was ready to paddle. It was a short hike in, the first rapid is about 100 yards after the put in.  As we were scouting the rapid all I heard was bear I looked up to see a healthy broad shouldered bear staring at us intently.  I thought it was gonna come at us until Scot yelled and waved his hands, it promptly turned and ran away like a small dog.

The first rapid had an easy lead in straight into a boulder, Clayton pitoned, Kipper got rolled,I did a 180 and Scot ran it great.  I ran the second rapid to far right hit a rock and got slammed into the rock on the other side, Kipper ended up getting pinned and a short rescue ensued.  Almost the whole run is boulder gardens and small drops, the scenery was awesome.  It's in a deep drainage, so it doesn't take alot of water to make it boatable.  We had to portage a couple logs that could be deadly if your not careful, the first one is around a corner. It's best to start the portage high as footing above the log is minimal.  The second one is easily seen and is portage about 65 yards above it.

It starts to calm down the last 3/4 to 1/2 mile their is several logs that you have to duck under on the way out.  Scot said it was an easier run than carberry creek class 4, well Kipper, Clayton and I thought it was more technical, we did alot of scouting to make sure the rapids were free of wood and to pick the best lines.  It took us about 4 hours to go 3 miles it was a long day I'm still sore from it, but I had alot of fun and am looking forward to running it again.

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  1. Hi. My name is J.R. Weir. My friend Zach and I are running Taylor Creek today. Any thoughts? Also, need some local boating connections. Can you put me in touch with Brock? I boated with him on the wilderness falls section of upper Clear Creek into the K.