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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gear Reviews coming soon

1. Fluid Solo :  I bought this boat new in late 2009 for $700 including shipping out of Virginia. I liked the look of it, the price was right and it was a creeker what I was looking for.  It was a thing of beauty when it showed up I couldn't wait to paddle it. The first thing I noticed was the weight, It's a little heavier than most boats I've paddled.  I had a hard time hitting my lines at first, you could attribute that to my inexperience as a paddler.  I finally decided to peg the seat all the way forward it has helped me control the nose substantially and has made it feel like a completely different boat.  The plastic is awesome my boat has taken some solo trips one almost a mile and it's still going strong. The  seat if comfortable, the thigh braces feel good I had to put some extra cushion on the inside of the boat to help support my thigh's no big deal.  The ratcheting back band isn't very easy to adjust, it's mounted on the floor of the seat you have to pull the back band to you and adjust ratchets while holding it. Thank god they changed the system I'm sure the new one work's better.  Overall I love the boat it has been very solid and taken alot of abuse, I'm happy with my purchase.

2. Tywarp Beam 10 Bent Shaft: I found this paddle on in the winter of '09 for $99 plus shipping. I figured it would be a good back up paddle for the price, it has turned out to be my favorite paddle. It has taken alot of abuse and seems like it has alot of life left in it. It's not perfectly balanced but for the price I won't complain. It has reinforcing rods in the blades and is a one piece design from the end of the blade to the center of the shaft. My opinion is it's well worth the price they are selling for $150 plus shipping, a great alternative for a paddler on a budget wanting a bent shaft paddle.

3 Harmony Langer Armour Skirt: I finally got the skirt and have been able to use it a few times.  It seems to be water tight so far, it I wish it was reinforced around the edges further but time will tell how well this skirt is built. I will update the review when it's been put through it paces a little longer. Udate on the skirt it work's great I'm real happy with the purchase. Update don't buy this skirt the stitching is coming apart at the tunnel and the bungee is coming apart. I emailed them to no avail the skirt is less than 8 months old.

The kokatat tropos helix dry top is a great buy if your a poor kayaker like me. I've had it two seasons with no problems, it's a great fit.
4 Kokatat Dry Gear: The dry bibs are awesome when mated with a drytop you get no water penatration while swimming, the only downside to this model is no pee zipper or socks unless you want to pay for the upgrades.

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