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Monday, January 10, 2011

Redwood Creek

I got home wednesday and checked my kayak email like I always do. I'd seen Nicks post about running redwood creek and clicked on the link to and looked it over. Kipper called me and asked if I was in but my wrist was still hurting from the week before and I didn't think their was enough rapids to quench my thirst.

I took the day off friday and drove up elk creek about 14 miles and took pictures and relaxed, on the drive home I started thinking that getting out of town for the whole weekend would be good for me. On the way home my good friend Steve called and asked if their was still enough room for the trip. I got ahold of Nick and Kipper and the room was made. Steve and I met at Kippers house at 3:15 am loaded up and headed to Selma where we picked up Will,Dana, and Brian and headed to Orick to meet the rest of the group.

When we got to the creek we were happy to have more flow than the gauge was reporting, we got dressed and down to the creek in a timely manner and shoved off. The scenery was awesome the side creeks coming in feeding the creek were abundant and beautiful. It didn't take long to see signs of bear,their tracks lined both banks of the creek. Three of us were paddling ahead of the group when Kipper spotted the biggest black bear I'd ever came across, my first words were "oh my god" we eddied out and watched him fishing and moving down stream. We followed him slowly until he was in the brush beside the stream and hurried by him.

We got to the class 5 which everyone portaged, it was tough work as a few of us made multiple trips helping others with their boats. We probably went another mile and made camp on a nice flat area. I didn't help much with the fire but I kept warm by it, Marsh provided the entertainment I never realized how funny that guy is. Most of us were in bed by 8 o'clock, Nick had to move his sleeping area due to Steve snoring like a grizzly bear. The next morning we were on the river by 10 or so, their is alot of large logs in the bends of the river with current pushing into them, all of it is easily avoidable.

We finally ran into some fishermen about five miles into the second day so we knew we were halfway to the takeout. We just enjoyed the class 1 paddling and the scenery to the end. This was my first self support trip I wasn't sure how my boat was going to react to the extra weight so I packed a really light sleeping bag,no extra clothes, some food and a six pack of beer in the back of my boat. My trusty fluid solo handled just fine with the extras. I just want to thank every one that made the trip I had a great time and am looking forward to the next overnighter which looks like a lower rogue trip in april. Check out the video about half way down the page on the right.

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