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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have been wanting to do this creek since last year, the slide at the end is what peaked my intrest. It didn't look like I was going boating this weekend till I got a call from someone calling me Bob, he said that's what he was going to call me everytime I took swim from now on. It turned out to be Scot Gibson out of Merlin. He said the flow was in and I said I was game so I got loaded and started his way.

On the way up he started telling me about the amount of brush and wood in the creek which always makes me a little nervous. He was very good at explaning what was coming up and what moves I should make. The creek was class 3 to 3+ at this flow which was medium and rising by the time we got done. Click the most recent video below the watch what went on. The picture on the top left is me running the slide courtesy Kipper Mcneal from today and the bottom photo is from a couple weeks ago and at a lower flow.

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