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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have been wanting to do this creek since last year, the slide at the end is what peaked my intrest. It didn't look like I was going boating this weekend till I got a call from someone calling me Bob, he said that's what he was going to call me everytime I took swim from now on. It turned out to be Scot Gibson out of Merlin. He said the flow was in and I said I was game so I got loaded and started his way.

On the way up he started telling me about the amount of brush and wood in the creek which always makes me a little nervous. He was very good at explaning what was coming up and what moves I should make. The creek was class 3 to 3+ at this flow which was medium and rising by the time we got done. Click the most recent video below the watch what went on. The picture on the top left is me running the slide courtesy Kipper Mcneal from today and the bottom photo is from a couple weeks ago and at a lower flow.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Carberry Creek and Applegate river

I had never run Carberry and was looking forward to it, Steve and I met up with Kipper last saturday to run it. The flow was perfect for a first timer that was a little uptight like me that day. Their is alot of wood and some pin spots if your not on line. I was pinned pretty quickly into the run but was able to get free, I came into a long rapid with a log to avoid and smacked right into it lost the grip on my paddle and had a quick swim and a long walk to my boat. Carberry reminded me of a mini Mill Creek run with alot of boulders gardens and swift water. I was able to calm my nerves and paddle the rest of the way without trouble.

When I got home saturday evening I seen that Will from and Zach had plans to hit Applegate sunday morning so I was on the way back up their in the morning, I had never met them and was looking forward to it. Their ended up being 5 kayakers and the raft. The Applegate run is something we all look forward to when the rain and snow come, it's always fun and you can do lap after lap on it. I was a little nervous on the second run because I was the only kayaker running it with Will and Zach, but we aced the run in record time for me. I have to say this paddling community is awesome I'm having a great time meeting new people all the time.


So i've been a little busy lately kayaking and not updating my blog so here goes. I was out of town the weekend of december 3rd and 4th I tried to hook up with someone paddling out of Eugene's paddlers list and got no responses maybe next time. Kipper Mcneal said they were planning on hitting the north fork of the smith river on sunday so I brought my gear with me and left Eugene at 5 a.m. to meet him and some others in Grants Pass for the trip. I ran it last november and was pretty scared, it was the biggest water I'd run in my short time kayaking.
I told Kipper I wasn't swimming and I didn't on that trip, I had a blast and was looking forward to the next trip which brings me to a couple weeks ago. I ended up swimming a couple times but was pleased with what I did and we all had alot of fun. Photos courtesy Kipper Mcneal