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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Natty carnage/ Mill creek

I was checking my kayak email and noticed Brock was looking for some people to run natty on Saturday morning,I decided to give him a call and meet him up there. The other waterdogs decided to take the day off. I had a real sore tailbone so the flat landing seal lunch at the beginning started off my day of whining. It wasn't a bad run I one swim, I was looking forward to resting my ass but when we got back to the put-in what's a put-in again Nick?. An out of area paddler named Erik was waiting for someone to paddle down with so we headed out again, I got rolled and hit my head pretty hard and grew a natty goose egg. The rest of the day went fine and I headed home for the night only to return the next day with more paddlers.

This had to be one of my worst days paddling, three swims, bruised knees, a cut hand and a bruised ego finished off my day of paddling. Here is some video that I shot from my gopro hd and some that Brock shot from his video camera of the run and some carnage to go along with it.

Natty carnage/Linus Mill Creek whitewater kayaking from marcelo leyva on Vimeo.

Natural Bridge and Mill Creek from Brock Nelson on Vimeo.

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