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Monday, March 22, 2010

South fork of the coquille river

On the way to drop of shuttle vehicles a few days before we stopped and looked at the 35, 45 and 80 foot waterfalls on the river. We had discussed running the 35 footer after the our trip down the wild and scenic rogue. That time came sunday and the only one that felt like doing it was jason aka "rootbeer". Russell and I set up saftey below the falls, we got the signal that he was coming, he dropped over the falls and his skirt blew on impact. His boat ended up about 75 yards downstream pinned on a rock, Steve and Jason were able to get it and hook it to our lines and we pulled it to the road. Jason was disappointed and wanted to run it again but we were short on time. Video shot by Stephen McCleary. Some of us decided to call it Rootbeer falls

South fork of the Coquille river from marcelo leyva on Vimeo.

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